Police arrest man accused of repeatedly walking naked on school property

Teachers at a private school in unincorporated Decatur are breathing a sigh of relief after the arrest of a man accused of frequently walking around naked on their campus.

DeKalb County Police arrested Agin Hameed, 39, Friday after a teacher called officers from the Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute on Columbia Drive. The K-8 private school is housed inside the Hillside Presbyterian Church.

School Supervisor Maurice Gayles says he has chased the man off the property several times over the past two years. The man ran away Friday after dancing in the nude on the property while children wrapped up lunch and played on the playground.

“A couple of our children did see the man and we have to talk to our children based off what they see,” Gayles said. “That’s not an easy conversation to have because now you have to explain the issues of society ills that have fallen onto this person... to children.”

According to the incident report, officers found Hameed in the backyard of nearby abandoned house.

Gayles believes abandoned homes in the area contribute to the nuisance. He said responding officers also suspected Hameed suffers from mental problems.

“If he has a mental health issue, then jail is not his solution. He heeds assistance,” Gayles insisted. “...My main responsibility is to protect all these children that are here. Their parents entrust our schools to protect them. I am going to do what I can to protect these babies.”

As of Monday night, Hameed remained in the DeKalb County Jail on an indecent exposure charge.