Pokémon Go players flock to Staten Island historic site

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People wondering around Historic Richmond Town every night on Staten Island aren't searching for gold. They're looking for Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is the worldwide craze where people use smartphones to track virtual characters in the real world. And for some reason this is a hotspot.

Ed Wiseman is executive director of the New Dorp site that celebrates centuries of American life. These days, from the houses to old farms here you'll find people -- day and night -- with their phones out. He says some of the Pokémon players have donated to the site.

Kathy McKenry and her kids wandering through the old rustic relics of the town, capturing the game's characters like Ash, Eevee and Onyx. The original settlers here never saw this coming. McKenry sees it as a different and interesting way to spend a summer night. Done for one night, they'll be back soon.