Pokémon Go players clog Grand Army Plaza

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In Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan in the shadow General Sherman, beneath a golden representation of one of the greatest strategists in history, hundreds wage a different kind of campaign holding this piece of ground for its superior position.

Rare Pokémon spawn here. And so aspiring Pokémon masters encamp at this site for as long as their jobs, school schedules, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, hopefully not parental responsibilities, and the weather allow.

But perhaps more so than any of those mere hindrances to the Pokémon master's quest, nothing restricts the amount of time he or she can spend at this location waiting to stampede off into the distance in search of that special animated monster than their phone's battery life.

The "it" accessory for the Pokémon go enthusiast this summer is a portable charger. The charges seem to lodge in every fifth pocket, backpack, and purse in sight at the center of the Pokémon go universe.

And for those without an external source of poke-fuel, one man extends a tangle of cables from a metal briefcase in support. Rick Bross organizes the largest Pokémon Go meetup through meetup.com on the planet. More importantly, for Poke-masters he offers their phones near-immortality at no cost out of the goodness of his poke-heart so every trainer's quest to catch them all never has to pause.

This is your city on Pokémon Go.

And from his shining steed, General Sherman watches on blissfully unaware he marched to the sea, burning his way across the American South, forcing the surrender of the Confederacy and reunifying this great union for freedoms like this one.