Plan calls for 'zones' for 'desnudas,' costumed characters

A proposal by a coalition of civic leaders is calling for the re-zoning of Times Square to make room for the topless women known as 'desnudas,' costumed characters, pedestrians and vehicular traffic.  The report is expected to be unveiled Thursday, the same day a task force created by Mayor Bill de Blasio will release its plan.

The group of civic leaders want to legally redefine the 'Crossroads of the World' as the Times Square Commons.  The area would be divided into zones. The activity zone would be created for people including the 'desnudas,' costumed characters and other mainstays like the Naked Cowboy.

Public events would be held in the civic zone.

And pedestrians could move through the area at a quicker pace in the flow zone.

More details of the plan are expected Thursday.