Pizza in a box of pizza and other creative NYC dishes

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If you like posting pictures of your food, I've found three whimsical dishes that are spreading like wildfire on social media.

We're kicking off our tour of Instagram-worthy bites in Williamsburg, the birthplace of the edible pizza box at Vinnie's Pizzeria.

Pop culture and pizza go hand in hand under the direction of co-owner sean berthiaume he's somewhat of a pizza legend around here, especially after his latest creation: pizza served inside a pizza box. The pizza box pizza costs $40 but there's plenty to go around.

Next we check out the Red Eye Grill on 56th Street and 7th Avenue to see how the sushi burger is made. Chef Jawn Chasteen says it is a "playful deconstruction" of their famous yellowfin tuna roll.

Next we head to Pearl and Ash on Bowery to taste a childhood favorite treat with an adult twist. Bar manager Lynlea Michaels showed us raspberry thyme flavored and papaya ginger and lime. But you've got to be 21 to get your hands on these spiked Sno-cones.