Pigeons getting trapped in LIRR nets and dying

The LIRR installed nets underneath the Lindenhurst train station trestle a few weeks ago in an effort to control the pigeon population and their messy droppings along the sidewalks. But birds that are getting trapped in the netting are dying.

T.C. Kross, who works nearby at the Village Pub, and others are calling it a disturbing sight. She says that letting the animals die a slow death from dehydration and starvation is not the answer.

The Long Island Rail Road has taken responsibility for fixing this issue as soon as possible. The railroad agreed to inspect the site, free any trapped birds, remove any remains and make repairs to the nylon netting.

The LIRR told Fox 5 that a hired contractor was at the train station Tuesday to remove the dead birds from the trap and net. However, when Fox 5 arrived, live ones were in the cage and dead ones were still visible.

Kross says more needs to be done. She suggests the LIRR put up spikes, sterilize the birds' eggs, and power wash the sidewalks.

This year alone the LIRR expects to spend $225,000 on pigeon abatement.