Photos show Greg Hardy's battered ex-girlfriend

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Greg Hardy recently served a 4-game suspension for domestic violence. But now that graphic police photos have surfaced of his bruised and battered ex-girlfriend, the NFL is once again under fire. Fans and critics are saying he got off too easy. obtained the Charlotte police department photos of Hardy's ex Nicole Holder and posted them online. The photos show her bruised and battered body and face. The site also posted a police report pertaining to the horrific 2014 incident in which she said that Hardy beat her and threw her onto a pile of guns.

Police did arrest Hardy, who was convicted in a bench trial, Deadspin reported. But the charges were dismissed on appeal and his record was expunged after Holder stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

The NFL suspended Hardy for 10 games, but an arbitrator reduced that to 4 games, so it is unclear if the league can take any further action against hi even if it wanted to.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones said the team was "aware of the serious nature of the incident" and is giving Hardy "a second chance," the AP reported.