Photographer celebrates 'puppy love' in nation's capital with stunning engagement shoot

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@sebastianlovesluna captures puppy love in the nation's capitol

Emily Abril is not your typical wedding photographer and portrait artist. She captures what can only be described as ‘puppy love’ with her popular Instagram account @SebastianLovesLuna.

The stars behind Abril’s Instagram are Sebastian, a French bulldog, and Luna, a Pomeranian. And they’re nothing short of adorable.

Set against the backdrop of Washington, D.C.’s gorgeous cherry blossoms, Sebastian and Luna participated in an engagement shoot that has drawn the envy of their human counterparts.

Sebastian and Luna, who graced the local Fox station's studio in mid-March, have become famous for flaunting their fashionable relationship across D.C., so a picture-perfect wedding seems only appropriate.

When she’s not photographing her love-struck pups, Abril offers her talents to raise money for animal welfare efforts.

We'll follow along as we wait patiently for the wedding!