Petition objects to LaGuardia HS admissions policy

Art may be imitating life at the "Fame" school. Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts has been the premier school for the arts. Its story was told in the classic 1980s movie "Fame."

But according to an online petition on, some parents, students, teachers and alumni are afraid that the city's newest talent isn't being given a fair chance to shine.

Beata Santora is talking about a perfect score on the audition. She is a LaGuardia alumnus and one of the creators of the "bring fame back to the fame school" petition. Santora says since the arrival of principal Dr. Lisa Mars, LaGuardia's admission process has been altered in favor of academic scores and attendance records.

She and others are now demanding a return to admission requirements consistent with what they were before three years ago.

The online petition states that with the new administrations criteria, talent counts for only 14 percent of the admission decisions, and as a result hundreds of talented students have been denied admission.

We reached out to the department of education and were told that LaGuardia's policies are in accordance with all laws and regulations. Doe claims the high school has a long-standing policy reviewing both academics and auditions in enrollment.

Those behind the petition plan to meet with education leaders to resolve this matter.