Performer Bello Nock hopeful about future of circus

It's been a difficult few months for the circus world. In November The Big Apple Circus filed for bankruptcy. Then just a few days ago, The Ringling Brothers circus announced that it would be closing in May.

So what happens now to the hundreds of people employed by the circus? Well legendary performer Bello Nock knows circus better than anyone, and he has hope for the future of those performers, and the art of circus itself. 

After headlining the Big Apple and Ringling Brothers circuses, Bello Nock has become synonymous with circus. But beyond the performance aspect, Nock recognizes the importance of a healthy bottom line. Now, with two of the biggest circuses failing, Nock is confident that the circus performers will be able to continue their craft. For Nock, this is just the latest in a legacy of obstacles confronting circus.

Nock believes that the people want the Big Apple Circus to come back. As they say, the show must go on.