Pence meets with South Korea amidst North Korea failed missile launch

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A man watches a TV news program showing a file footage of the missile launch conducted by North Korea, at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, March 3, 2016.(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

President Trump celebrated Easter Sunday with his family in Palm Beach, Florida.

His church visit comes as the crisis in North Korea escalates.

North Korea’s failed missile test highlighted what one Republican Senator said is the first true test of the Trump presidency.

Vice President Pence has landed in South Korea - amid new speculation about whether or not the United States played a role in making sure that North Korean missile didn't get off the ground.

A parade through the streets of Pyongyang meant a show of strength by North Korea

However, the big parade was followed up by a big dud

Kim Jong-un conducted a ballistic missile test, but the missile exploded shortly after its launch

Vice President Mike Pence, who is on a 10 day trip through Asia, rallied the troops for being on what he described as the frontier of freedom in South Korea.

“This morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of the people of South Korea and the defense of America in this part of the world,” he said.

What was a failure for North Korea, has been speculated as a potential win for U.S. Cyber weapons

In the past, the U.S. has reportedly successfully set back Iran’s nuclear program by deploying computer viruses to sabotage their progress.

Right now, tensions between North Korea and the rest of the globe are at an all-time high. U.S. warships are steaming towards North Korea in their own show of force.

Administration officials aren't ruling out the use of force and point to the president's decision to strike Syria as an example of his willingness to take action to advance U.S. interests.

Perhaps, the most important actor in all of this – China.

President Trump, who routinely bashed the Chinese on the campaign trail, changed his tune after a meeting with President Xi.

President Trump tweeted, “Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!”

Experts are reportedly examining footage from the parade for clues on the types of missiles North Korea might be developing - specifically long-range intercontinental missiles that could potentially reach the U.S., which are the most concerning.