Pedestrian, cyclist safety under scrutiny at Chelsea intersection

The intersection of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street is obviously dangerous to anyone on a bicycle or on their feet. From seemingly oblivious pedestrians walking in bike lanes to cyclists running red lights and cars forcing pedestrians and cyclists into more dangerous parts of the road, many people must be more courteous and aware to help keep their fellow New Yorkers safe.

The dangers of the intersection became apparent once again when Michael Collopy was struck by a cyclist on July 31 as he stepped into a bike lane. On August 5, he died of head injuries sustained during the accident and now the NYPD is trying to find the cyclist who struck him and never even stopped to see if “Cool Mike,” as his friends called him, was okay.

Collopy’s death is the second time in 2019 a pedestrian has been killed by cyclist and isn't even the first this year at the intersection, as a truck driver ran over and killed Robyn Hightman in June.

In response to Collopy’s death, Transportation Alternatives, which has been fighting for cyclist safety, sent out a statement demanding that cyclists always yield to pedestrians and reminding them that those who are on their feet are the most vulnerable of the people using NYC’s streets. 

Since 2014, 5 pedestrians have been killed by cyclists in New York City. For reference, in that time over 700 pedestrians have been killed by cars or trucks.