Peaceful protests unfold in Baltimore amid tensions

It was a day without violence in Baltimore. The relief everyone got from the curfew last night is being replaced by a lingering uncertainty and the sense that things could still go wrong in a split second.

National Guard and Baltimore police seem to be everywhere in the city, and for many weary residents, they're a welcome sight. The most recent protests called for non-violence and answers in the case of Freddie Gray, whose death in police custody sparked the unrest.

A wide variety of community and youth leaders, along with local radio personalities, have taken to the streets to calm the tensions and give frustrated young people a sounding board.

We ran into hip hop artist Treach, of Naughty by Nature, who walked through the neighborhoods for hours talking with the youth.

It's not clear how long the highly visible military presence will be around but there is no doubt the situation here is being monitored at the highest levels in Washington.

"I want to make clear once again that these senseless acts of violence are not only a grave danger to the community - and they must stop - but they are also counterproductive to the ultimate goal here," U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said.

The Baltimore Police Department initially said it would release a report on the death of Freddie Gray this Friday, but now the department said that won't happen. Instead, police will keep it under wraps and give it to prosecutors. You can be sure this won't sit well with the community.