Parking garage ‘loses' Grandmaster Flash's car

Here's the scenario, you take you park your car at a garage, and when you go to pick it up, the attendant tells you he gave it to someone else.

It's one of those nightmare scenarios we can all identify with…. And this week, it happened to a famous New Yorker.

He is a god-father to hip-hop and a rap legend.

But recently, Grandmaster Flash, who remains a popular act, was the victim of a curious mix-up...

He explained on Instagram:

“Went to Tek-serve on 23rd and 6th Avenue, parked my car right next door. Came back 2 hours later. Homeboy told me. He gave my car to someone with no id that looked like me. What?"

When we went to the garage on 23rd Street and asked how an attendant could've just given away Flash’s $45,000 Dodge Charger, an employee inside didn't want to talk.

According to the NY Post, the attendant... who apparently didn't check the parking ticket, was promptly fired.

According to Grandmaster Flash --- his car also contained $50,000 worth of vintage records and equipment.

Online, supporters offered sympathy.

"That is just awful. I hope so much that your car is found along with the priceless collection" one user wrote.

Another user said "sorry to hear about your car and your vinyl."

 Outside the garage, a woman says a nightmare scenario like this has crossed her mind quite a lot when she hands over her keys at lots like that one.

“It could happen to anyone and it could happen in Manhattan” she said.