Parents of missing girl Rebecca Lewis ask for her return

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The parents of 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis are pleading for her safe return as investigators in three states search for the girl and her accused abductor, 31-year-old West Hogs.

Luther Lewis and Melissa Schell spoke directly to Hogs when addressing reporters Sunday night.

"Matt we're not mad at you. Let her come home. She's my baby and I'm worried sick about her please I'm begging," Lewis pleaded.

Investigators say Hogs, a family friend, took Rebecca Saturday morning. The pair were spotted Saturday night on surveillance cameras in Forsyth, Georgia while at a gas station, then later by a park ranger in Tennessee.

Lewis and Schell said Hogs grew up with Luther Lewis and they considered him part of their family. Luther Lewis says Hogs' temperament changed after brain surgery several years ago.

"He'd do crazy things. He would say obnoxious things. He just wasn't himself after the surgery," said Luther Lewis.

Investigators say that's one of the reasons they worry about Rebecca's safety and why there is an Amber Alert out for her.

Heartland Crime Stoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to Rebecca's return. A telephone tips hotline has been set up for tips regarding the whereabouts of Rebecca and Hogs: it is 1-877-419-0934. Anyone who has any information about this case is asked to call this number.