Pair arrested in Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scam

Police on Long Island arrested two people in connection with scamming an elderly man.

Nassau County Police say that the 79-year-old Plainview man was called by an unknown man claiming he had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

He was instructed to make multiple deposits on multiple dates totaling more than $147,000. It was explained to the victim that the money was to pay for fees and taxes related to the sweepstakes win.  

On Tuesday, police say the victim was contacted again and told to take out another $25,000 and have it delivered to an address in Queens Village.

Police arrested Lenkeisha Bolton, 28, of Queens Village on multiple charges.

On Thursday, detectives also arrested Dimitri Blanchard of Baldwin in connection with the case.  He was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday in Hempstead.

Police did not disclose if the victim was able to recover any of the money.