Over 10,000 gallons of red wine floods winery after tank breaks

Red wine does not pair well with dirt and grass.

A video of a damaged tank spewing red wine onto the ground at a Spanish winery recently went viral on Twitter. According to reports, enough wine was spilled to spread to a nearby field.

The incident occurred at the Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Vallamalea in Central Spain, News.com.au reports. One of the winery’s tanks was reportedly damaged, causing more than 13,000 gallons of red wine to flood the area.

In the footage, a huge flood of red liquid can be seen spewing from one of the tanks, spreading out and covering a massive area on the ground underneath. Enough wine was spilled to reportedly flow out around nearby vehicles and into a nearby field.

Local news outlets reported that the spill was caused by a break in the tank.

On Twitter, video of the spill went viral and has been viewed over 9 million times. Several commenters compared the footage to a scene in “The Shining” where a character has a vision of an elevator full of blood opening up in front of them.

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One user wrote, “A minute of silence for so many days and nights of happiness that will not be possible.” Several users also replied with gifs of famous actors and actresses crying.

Another user added, “Holy God, what a waste.”

Others seemed to think that the incident was a good metaphor what this year has felt like for many people, with one user writing, “Unfortunate, what more surprises will 2020 have for us?”

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