Outdoor pop-up libraries on Long Island

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A library houses books usually inside a building or room but this one is mobile, outside at Peterkin Park in Amityville. It's one of six new little free libraries in the village. It's part of a nationwide trend to promote reading with a free book exchange. You don't even need a library card.

Ann Hofbauer, an assistant director of the Amityville Public Library, helps fill the boxes weekly with fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults.

Reading books the old-fashioned way is a concept Skippy Waldmann hopes will be reintroduced to children who he says too often rely on technology.

The pop-up library is convenient for Allie McDonough. She works at the beach where this hand-crafted colorful cubby is.

Parents with young children think it's a great idea.

Since the initiative started last month, close to 400 books have been circulated. People who have extra children's and young adult books are encouraged to bring them to the Amityville library to help expand the program.