Out-of-service escalators frustrate subway riders

If you visit the 59th and Lexington subway stop, expect one of the station’s four escalators to be out of service. If you visit 53rd and Lexington, two of the eight there are in need of repair and at 63rd and Lexington, it’s not much better.

The issue of out-of-service escalators has become such an issue that the MTA has created a website to help riders navigate around the escalators and elevators that are out of service, along with giving you a date when they will be back in service (although the listed date may not make you feel much better). 

The MTA told FOX 5 NY that they are aware of the issue and just as frustrated with it as riders are. The MTA says that it will be meeting with Schindler Management, the escalator’s manufacturer, about the problems and to hold them accountable. 

Schindler Management responded to FOX 5 NY last week, saying that it is working with the MTA on an action plan.