Otters play in snow tunnels at Milwaukee County Zoo

Otters at a zoo in Wisconsin had a blast playing in the snow recently.

A video by zookeeper Rhonda at the Milwaukee County Zoo captures the otters scurrying in and out of tunnels in the snow. The zoo said in a Facebook post that the mammals dug the tunnels themselves.

"Why is snow fun? Reason #281: snow tunnels," the zoo captioned the adorable clip.

"North American river otters are acclimated to year-round outdoor temperatures. They have two-layered fur coats, which allow them to stay active, and brave the frosty Wisconsin winters," the zoo said on its website. "The outer layer is water-repellent, while the underfur is dense and helps insulate. Even in winter, otters go in the water to search for food by finding openings in the ice or breaking through beaver dams."

In the wild, river otters, which are part of the weasel family, usually eat fish, small amphibians, and insects, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Female otters lead families, which travel in groups.

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