Orlando attack prompts heightened security for NYC pride parade

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The Orlando terror attack is at the top of mind for the NYPD during Pride Week and ahead of the upcoming pride parade, also known as the March. Sunday's parade comes two weeks to the day since the attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando.

Police officials say they're not taking any chances. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department will be increasing the size of its security detail for the parade in light of what happened in Orlando. That will include the presence of thousands of uniformed and plainclothes officers, members of the special counterterror groups, radiation detectors, and more.

The NYPD also unveiled a new rainbow-emblazoned squad car in honor of Pride Week. Mayor Bill de Blasio said he appreciated the car and called it an act of solidarity.

Co-Chair of NYC Pride David Studinski highlighted that the Orlando shooting gives this year's Pride Week the added importance.