Optimize your home space for remote learning

The remote school year is underway and if you’re still trying to figure out how to create the perfect space for your child’s distance learning, we have you covered.

Tip 1: Download an organizational app

"My number one tip is that everyone is to stay organized. A simple way to do that is by downloading an organizational app. I personally love Cozi app because this is going to allow everyone in the family to have life and work in sync. It will have color-coordinated as well as to-do lists, grocery lists. So you want to make sure no one is going to skip a beat," said Lifestyle Expert,  Anais Grullon.

Tip 2: Create a cozy and inviting learning space

"You're going to want to create a cozy warm environment when it comes to the learning space. I love home decor from H&M Home. I love that they are on trend but also extremely affordable. I found this basket there that I plan on filling with blankets in case the girls get cold while learning. I also came across this adorable seat cushion that'll allow for a cozier more comfortable learning chair and this sequins rainbow pillow."

Tip 3: Set up a snack area


"Here's actually one of my favorite tips that I do at my home. I display all of my kid's favorite snacks. I picked up this inexpensive little cart and I fill it and rotate it every week with new different snacks. It's super time-efficient because the kids are picking their own snacks but it’s also keeping everything in order."

Tip 4: Use shelving to build more desk and workspace

"When it comes to creating that perfect virtual workspace. Remember, not all workspaces are created equal some of us have horizontal others vertical. I love systems like this that you can find at the Container Store. It really allows you to play with the space you have. You can add some acrylic shelving like this also found at the container store. It can grow with your child."

Tip 5: Frame summer photos for inspiration

"Get some inexpensive picture frames and print out some of their summer favorite memories.
Don't forget to add a calendar and make sure to write down all of your important dates so they can stay on track too!"

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.