Online game simulates being inside WTC on 9/11

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A new virtual reality game has sparked outrage. It takes players inside the world trade center's twin towers the day they were destroyed on September 11, 2001.

The Virtual Reality Simulator is called 08:46, named after the exact time American Airlines Flight 11 Slammed into the north tower. Creators call it a narrative-driven experience that lets users feel the 9/11 attacks from the perspective of a worker inside the World Trade Center.

Anthoula Katsimatidas lost her brother John on that day 14 years ago. She doesn't see that value of the simulation. It was created a group of French university students, who've said the goal of recreating such an emotional moment was not to be obscene or sensationalist.

The developers say the project was made with "countless hours of research" to recreate the proper atmosphere.

While some online say there is educational value, much of the response has been critical. One user wrote: "Gaming enthusiasts call the 9/11 Oculus Rift game as something that will leave you speechless, not question if it's in good taste." Another said simply: "Let's not have a VR game about 9/11, okay?"