Older couple adopts 26 years after adopting the first time

A local family has opened their hearts and adopted three sisters from Colombia -- 26 years after they first adopted three sisters from Russia.

"These girls' picture just kept coming up over and over and over and it grew on us," Loren Sohn said.

About a year ago, Loren and Susan found out online that Mafe, Abby and Biki needed a forever family. The girls had spent 10 years in the orphanage system in Colombia and Mafe, at 17 years old, was about to age out. So the Sohns decided to intervene.

"There's thousands of older kids that need families, loving families," Loren said.

"Everybody wants babies and toddlers, which is wonderful because they all need homes as well, but these kids are really lovely kids and they need a chance," Susan Sohn said.

And who better to give them that chance than Loren and Susan, who adopted three sisters from Russia 26 years ago. The girls are grown now and the Sohns are grandparents in their early 60s. Now they're becoming parents once again.

Mafe saying it's a great opportunity, and it's very emotional for them. Now they'll have a better future. For Susan and Loren, it's both exciting and a bit daunting.

"Doing homework again is a bit, unsettling," Susan joked. "Getting back into that since things have changed since we did it the first time around."

But as they learn each other's language and become a family, the Sohns are committed to encouraging other people their age to consider adoption as well.

"Older people adopting older kids - that was kind of our main theme," Loren said.

"There are so many kids out there that need families - both domestically and internationally - there's lot of kids in the foster system here that really need families as well," Susan said.

Click here for a link to the adoption website the Sohns used.