Off-duty officer pulls over to help mother with choking 6-month-old baby

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An off-duty Cobb County police officer saved the day for a mother in need in Paulding County.

Kristen Yates said her 6-month-old son was vomiting so much he started to choke on Monday while they were at the intersection of Mt. Tabor Church Road and East Paulding Drive. Yates said she pulled over on the side of the busy road to help her son Maverick when she saw a car swing around out of the corner of her eye.

“He was my angel that day I have four boys and I’ve never had anything like this happen he was amazing he just swooped in and said ‘how can I help you’ and it was amazing to have him there,” said Yates.

Yates said the officer held the sick and vomit drenched boy as she cleaned up the car seat then the baby. After he said goodbye and drove off, Yates said she didn’t even remember to get his name. So, she took to social media. Her post was liked and shared and the officer was located. It was Officer Ryan Cooper. Yates said she thanked him online and he responded saying he was just doing what anyone would do.

The family did take the baby to the doctor and he’s doing just fine. Yates is set to meet up with Officer Cooper Thursday to thank him in person again.