Obstacle race organizer promises to restore Long Island site

A Tough Mudder obstacle course race will take place at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. But some preservationists are concerned about potential damage to the site.

Organizers are putting the finishes touches on the more than 10-mile challenge. The race known for its military-style obstacle course will be the first of its kind on Long Island.

Events Director Hilary May says Nassau County's 209-acre property is the perfect place to host the event. She says 30 percent of the participants are from Long Island, while 70 percent are from outside the area.

The two-day event is estimated to generate $30,000 for the county and more than $2 million in the area.

But not everyone agrees with the county's decision. Rich Gisonda doesn't mind the event he just hopes there isn't permanent damage.

Tough Mudder will have the obstacles removed by Wednesday. Organizers will be reseeding and replanting the pits that were dug up and feel confident within a few weeks everything will be back to how it was.