NYPD warned to be on lookout after phone threat

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All 36,000 police officers of the New York City Police Department have been warned to be on alert for a potential assault aimed at them.

The warning comes after the police department received an anonymous phone call Tuesday night. The caller threatened to shoot a cop and made a reference to ISIS, said NYPD Chief of Intelligence Thomas Galati. 

Earlier, the Philadelphia Police Department notified the NYPD that they had received a threatening phone call traced to upper Manhattan. Later that day, a similar phone call was made to the NYPD.

The caller has a criminal record in New York City. He has reportedly turned himself in to police in New York. It is not clear if he will be charged.

The threat comes after a police officer was ambushed in Philadelphia earlier this month by a man using a stolen gun.

The man said he was acting in the name of Islam when he fired more than a dozen shots at point-blank range at the officer who was sitting inside his unmarked car.