NYPD wants to know what you think of body cameras

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You have a special invitation from the NYPD to take a survey and give them your thoughts about cops wearing body cameras. But the NYPD reserves the right to decide if they'll take any of your comments into consideration.

As online surveys go, this one at nypdbodycameras.org is long: page after page of questions about what New Yorkers think on the subject of body cameras for cops.

A similar survey by the police union, the PBA, found that 70% of officers support the plan.

The NYPD expects to roll out 1,000 body cameras this fall. It's to comply with a federal judge's order in 2013. The court ruled the NYPD's stop and frisk practices under the previous administration amounted to racial profiling and were unconstitutional.

Many criminal justice experts believe the policy, changed under Commissioner Bratton, increased tensions between cops and communities of color. So do average citizens.

The idea is that the body cameras will give a more complete picture of police activity.

The survey will be up until the end of July. Then the results will be tabulated and analyzed. Whether the NYPD acts on the findings or not, a federal court order will ensure the body cameras go into effect.

The survey is being done by the Policing Project at the NYU School of Law.