NYPD: Police shoot armed man who charged them after being hit by Taser

A police officer shot and killed a Bronx man who was armed with a large kitchen knife and a stick, the NYPD said.

Officers responded to an apartment building on Grand Avenue in the Bronx around 11 p.m. Sunday because of reports that a man was banging on apartment doors with a stick and threatening his neighbors, police said.

Cops encountered Kawaski Trawick, 32, inside his apartment, police said, and ordered him to drop the kitchen knife and what appeared to be a broom handle wrapped in black tape. When he didn't comply, one officer fired a TASER, knocking Trawick down.

"As the officers moved inside the apartment to disarm suspect and take him into custody, he suddenly jumped to his feet and charged at the officers from a short distance—still with the knife and broom handle in his hands," Chief Terry Monahan said at a news conference Monday. "The officers exited the apartment, but the suspect was still advancing quickly toward them."

Then one officer fired his pistol at Trawick four times, hitting him in the chest, Monahan said. The officers then called for an ambulance.

Medics brought Trawick Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where he died, police said.

Monahan said that firefighters had responded to the same floor at that building earlier in the evening because Trawick apparently called claiming that his front door was locked and that his apartment was on fire. The firefighters forced open the door and entered Trawick's apartment but didn't find a fire.

Monahan said that the officer who fired was wearing a body camera, which recorded the encounter. He said the department would continue investigating and release more information when possible.