NYPD: Overall crime down but hate crimes up

New York City officials held an update on crime stats at an Astoria precinct that has zero shootings and zero assaults since the beginning of the year. But one form of crime -- hate crime -- is clearly on the rise.

First with the good news, and it is good. City officials say crime continues to fall, with the safest February in 25 years. Some of the declines are dramatic, including a 35 percent drop in shootings.

But hate crimes are on the rise. Hate crime are up significantly compared with exactly this time a year ago. The NYPD has the problem in its sights.

Just days ago, another high-profile example when a wave of bomb threats were called into Jewish Community Centers across the country including several locations in New York and New Jersey. While police are still looking for who was behind these threats, the mayor directed responsibility towards the White House.

Police officials say they have increased communications with, and patrols of sensitive sites including religious institutions. Something that is expected to increase in the coming weeks as the Passover holiday approaches.