NYPD officer indicted for shooting at fleeing car

An NYPD officer has been indicted on second-degree Reckless Endangerment for firing his gun at a fleeing car in a busy Bronx intersection during rush hour.

Richard Delahanty, 29, allegedly fired six times at a car that was fleeing from a stop around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 16, 2021, at East 167th St. and Walton Ave.

An investigation found that Delahanty and two partners were on patrol in an unmarked police car on Gerard Avenue when they saw a gray Dodge Charger with tinted windows and a loud exhaust.

Delahanty, who was driving, turned on his lights and siren and attempted to pull the Charger over.

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The Charger’s windows and windshield were darkly tinted, such that none of the officers could see inside the car.

The Charger slowed to a stop on East 167th Street and when the officers were getting out of their vehicle to approach, the Charger sped away and led the officers on a brief chase on East 167th Street toward the Grand Concourse.   

The officers caught the Charger at E. 167th St. and Walton Ave. As officers approached the car it went into reverse, turned around, and drove past Delahanty.

He reached towards the door and his hand got caught in the partially opened window causing a laceration. As the Charger drove away, Delahanty fired his police-issued pistol six times, with civilians on the street running away and those in nearby cars ducking for cover.

The driver of the Charger, Luis Cabrera, 28 was arrested hours later and charged with driving without a license.  H pleaded guilty and paid a $200 fine.