NYPD: No DNA match in Karina Vetrano murder case

New York City detectives have collected DNA from three different parts of the investigation into the murder of Karina Vetrano: her cell phone, her neck, and other parts of her body.

The NYPD said it has developed a DNA profile of the person who killed her, but so far have not found a match to anyone in the DNA database. Plice are now focusing on people who might have been in jail before 1998.

"That CODIS database that we used for DNA was only formulated 1998 so that person might have been in jail prior to that, so looking at that end of the investigation right now," Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. "And also someone who is younger who wouldn't be done jail time."

Karina went missing August 2 after going out for a run near her home in Howard Beach. Her father, Phil Vetrano, made the gruesome discovery. Her body was found at Spring Creek Park. Police said she was raped and strangled.

Phil Vetrano was on Curtis Sliwa's radio show on Monday talking about a "mystery man." He described the man as "very fit" who he had seen jogging in the area for the past three years, four to five days a week.

"We just want to question him. I just want to question him because I would see him almost every day," Vetrano said. "Now he dropped off the face of the earth."

But police said the mystery jogger that Vetrano referred to on the radio came forward Monday night.

"He's not a subject at all," Boyce said. "He's a 48-year-old man who hurt his knee and stopped jogging. Nothing more heinous than that."

Boyce said they don't believe Karina's murder had anything to do with her past. Police said that this was a random attack and that nothing suggests anyone from her past would do this to her.