NYPD: Investigators may have found gun used by NYC cop killer

The NYPD says the weapon used to kill a police officer in East Harlem has likely been found. Officials say a gun, consistent with the type used to kill 33-year-old officer Randolph Holder on Tuesday night, was found by divers early Sunday morning.

Investigators say the weapon was under 20 feet of water in the Harlem river.

Tests will now be done to determine if it was used to shoot Officer Holder.

On Friday, one of the New York judges who helped send the suspected cop killer to rehab instead of jail five months ago said that the deadly shooting "breaks her heart" and that she is "truly sorry."

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez told The New York Post that she will address the issue further at a Nov. 12 court date for the suspect, Tyrone Howard. The paper reported that  Howard was freed despite a history of three felony sale convictions and the urging of prosecutors in the drug case.

Officer Randolph Holder's killing Tuesday has raised questions about the risks and potential shortcomings of drug courts, or drug diversion programs, which have been embraced nationwide as a way to ease jail overcrowding and reduce crime by attacking it at one of its sources: drug abuse.