NYPD increases patrols following Iran's attack on Israel

Following Iran's Saturday attack on Israel, the NYPD has increased its patrols out of an abundance of caution.

Concerns have arisen about potential retaliatory strikes domestically, leaving many New Yorkers anxious about the safety of their loved ones in the Middle East.

On the Upper East Side, barricades surrounded Temple Emanuel all day Saturday. The NYPD stationed two mobile command trucks along 65th Street at the temple's side entrance. 

In a statement on X, the NYPD said: "We will continue to deploy resources to houses of worship and sensitive locations throughout the city."

"As mayor of the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel, the significance of Iran's attack for Jewish New Yorkers — many of whom have family in Israel — is not lost on me, especially with Passover just days away," Adams said on X.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul posted on to X Saturday night that: "New York stands with the people of Israel as they face a horrific attack by Iran."

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also posted to X Saturday night that his team is closely monitoring the situation in the Middle East.

"New Jersey stands with the people of Israel and supports their defense against these attacks from Iran," Murphy said on X. 

NYC Mayor Eric Adams said intelligence and counterterrorism teams in the city are monitoring what is happening abroad as well. 

There is no imminent or direct threat to our area, but multiple agencies are on high alert as tensions rise overseas.