NYPD honors cops who stayed on duty after severe injuries

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At a promotion ceremony at police headquarters on Monday, the NYPD honored 10 police officers who have suffered life-alternating injuries but chose to stay with the department and continue serving the people of New York City.

"Among all those being honored today, I think it appropriate that as we honor those 10 in particular, particularly in these times, their injuries, their commitment to duty, remind us of what is the best of our profession," Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said at the ceremony. "That commitment to serve, that commitment despite all odds, despite life-threatening injuries, life-changing injuries, they continue to serve."

Bratton paid tribute to Detective Eder Loor, Detective Carlos Olmedo, Police Officer Keith Winchell, Police Officer Scot Abrams, Police Officer Thomas Mitchell, Police Officer Elaine Mamolite, Detective Andrew Ward, Police Officer Daniel O'Sullivan, Police Officer Patterson, and Police Officer Steven Carroll, who were all promoted.

Loor was stabbed in the brain in in 2012. Olmedo was hit by motorcycle. Winchell was hit by a car. Abrams fell off his police motorcycle during a funeral procession and was hit by bus. Mitchell's patrol car hydroplaned and a hit pole. He was paralyzed from the neck down. Mamolite and Ward were also in car accidents. O'Sullivan was pinned by car and Carroll was hit by car. Patterson shot in head while off-duty in 1990 and has been in a coma ever since.