NYPD cops suspended over escaped suspect

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The NYPD tracked down a man who had escaped from police custody a few hours earlier while still in handcuffs. The man escaped into the subway system, which prompted a subway service interruption.

Cops arrested him Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of stealing jeans and a jacket from the Gap. He escaped while being transported to the 1st Precinct. The prisoner, Barry Tune, told officers he needed medical attention, so they stopped the vehicle. Tune bolted out the door near Broadway and Franklin Street in Tribeca at around 7:30 p.m. and escaped into a subway tunnel, police said.

Police caught him a few hours later in Brooklyn. He was no longer wearing the handcuffs.

The NYPD suspended the two cops who let Tune get away. he was the sixth prisoner to break out of NYPD custody since June.