NYPD cops now give out name cards during stops

New York City police officers are now required to give their full names and ranks when they stop people on the street.

The requirement is part of the Right to Know Act, which was passed by the NYC City Council in January.

If asked by a civilian, officers must also hand out business cards with information on the back about how to file a complaint against the officer and obtain body camera video. Officers must hand out the cards during a frisk.

Backers say the new laws grew out of concern that controversy over stop-and-frisk practices had eroded trust in the police department.

In a statement from the Department, the NYPD said it will fully comply with the law.

"As the Department developed its policies, it heard numerous recommendations from the advocacy community through discussions with the Federal Monitor. The Department also provided advocates unprecedented access to NYPD policies, forms, and trainings prior to the law taking effect. And the NYPD will of course continue to talk to advocates to fine tune the policy as it is implemented and we can assess what’s working and what might be improved."

For more information, visit NYC.gov/RTKA or call 311.

With the Associated Press