NYPD Chief of Department addresses officers after Pantaleo decision

In the aftermath of the firing of former NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, Chief of Department Terence Monahan sent a clear message to the 36,000 rank and file members of the force on Friday.

"This is not the time that we back down, that we walk away from doing our job. Doing what we do in this city to keep people safe," Chief Monahan said.

Monahan's address comes following a week of high tensions between the city's police unions and NYPD brass after Commissioner James O'Neill fired Pantaleo on Monday for his involvement in the death of Eric Garner.

PBA Union President Patrick Lynch had advised officers not to jeopardize their careers or personal safety, claiming that the department did not have their back.

"To our members who are out in the street right now, no job is routine any longer," Lynch said.

"I will tell you right now, that is pretty bad advice," Monahan said in reply. "Anyone who is going to hesitate when they're about to lock up a bad guy is endangering their own lives."

Responding to Monahan's statements, Lynch said that Monahan was "totally out of touch with the reality on the streets in today's anti-police climate."