NYPD body camera program behind schedule

It will be at least another 6 months before you see police officers wearing body cameras. In 2013 the NYPD was ordered to start testing body cameras in response to class action lawsuits over the departments controversial stop, question and frisk policy. In December 2014, a pilot program was initiated in 5 test precincts. However in 2016, widespread use body cameras are still not a reality.

The NYPD told Fox 5 News the body camera program is still in the procurement phase. It is taking longer than expected to purchase them. An independent monitor overseeing the NYPD said the process is complex. Mayor Bill de Blasio echoed that Wednesday morning.

Attorney Peter Zimroth, who was appointed monitor by a federal judge, reportedly said the police department is working on choosing a vendor, which would happen anytime between mid- to late august. And after that it could take 4 to 6 months before a contract is officially registered.

Until then, the mayor said the NYPD is doing its part to improve community relations.

You won't see officers wearing the body cameras until sometime 2017. Once they are ready for use one thousand officers in 20 precincts will wear the devices.