NYC unveils Safe Haven shelters for homeless, critics say won't stop crisis

180 homeless encampments are being torn down across New York City over the next two weeks at the direction of Mayor Eric Adams.

"I’m not going to allow people to sleep on the streets in cardboard, it’s not going to happen," said Adams. 

But Mayor Adams says he has no intention of leaving homeless New Yorkers high and dry. On Tuesday, he unveiled 80 new 'safe haven' shelter beds in The Bronx, with a promise of 500 more to come. 

Each client will get his own bed, toiletries, and a locker. There's a laundry room, clean showers, and a dining facility with free meals and snacks. Plus, there's a federally qualified healthcare center on-site. 

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The city is also hoping mental treatment for the homeless population will reduce the violence that's been raging in the city. 

The goal is to provide care with dignity. 

"You can't get this on the A train overnight. You can't get this sleeping in Times Square. You can't get this sleeping in a cardboard box. You can't get this sleeping in a tree in a park," Adams said, "You don't deserve that. You deserve this."

‘Safe havens’ only aim to provide temporary housing something critics say is not going far enough.

"We want to make sure our people are being permanently housed so we have a right to criticize approaches that we now have time and time again caused violent harm to our communities," said Celina Trowell, Vocal-NY. "That is something we will not be quiet about."

"Those advocates who believe I'm doing the wrong thing, come and see me and let's do this together," said Adams.

350 safe havens beds will be online by the end of this week.