NYC team describes Puerto Rico's struggles

Two months ago, Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico. The damage was catastrophic. The long lines to get food and water continue and the island's electrical grid is still a mess.

Puerto Rican authorities promised that 50 percent of the power would be restored to the Island by Wednesday, but it didn't happen. A technical problem shut a 230,000-volt line, leaving Puerto Ricans back in the dark.

Assemblywoman Maritza Davila of Brooklyn, James O'Connell, and their team of six have been going back and forth to Puerto Rico. They just returned this Monday after spending five days on the island. They told stories of those who continue to find ways to survive.

Davila said a little bit of progress has been made but mostly in San Juan. Other communities, such as Morobis, are struggling with basic necessities. Davila's team brought 22 generators, food, and water.

Hostos Community College in the Bronx was set to host a hurricane relief concert to benefit the first responders of the Puerto Rican police. O'Connell and others will be honored for their work on the island.