NYC taxi and limo commissioner goes undercover to get his own hack license

"Excited" is the best word to describe David Do, New York City’s taxi and limousine commissioner. 

Do has taken a bold step to make drivers' lives better by going undercover and applying for a hack license through his own agency.

Do even kept it a secret from his own staff so he would not receive any special treatment.

"I was like any other student sitting in a room full of 20 students and learning," Do told FOX 5 NY, but his cover was eventually blown when his face showed up on the video shown in class.

"Collectively, everyone looks at me and says 'Oh, my God! That’s the new commissioner!' And I was like, ‘Yes, you got me,’" Do continued.

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Even having been discovered, Do was already on his way to understanding the licensing process from the perspective of drivers – an experience that has directly led to changes at the TLC.

Now that the TLC commissioner has his own hack license, he told FOX 5 NY that he’s not done. Within the next few weeks, Commissioner Do will actually get behind the wheel of a taxi and pick up unsuspecting New Yorkers as part two of his effort to better understand the life of a New York City cab driver. He says he expects to make 100 trips before the end of the year.

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