NYC radio host: Haitians furious over end of work permits

Inside a Haitian radio studio in Brooklyn, the sound of activism reveals the voice of resistance. That voice belongs to Ricot Dupuy of Radio Soleil. (Soleil is French for sun.)

The Trump administration has ended temporary protection for Haitians. The program allowed nearly 60,000 people to live and work in the United States since 2010. Many of them live in New York.

Dupuy said radio listeners call the studio hoping that he has good news for them. But he doesn't. He said the Trump administration is telling them to be prepared to go back to Haiti. But Dupuy said what are they supposed to tell their children, many of whom were born in the U.S.?

Dupuy said this is the most pressing issue in the lives of his listeners. Haitians with Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, must leave the country by July 2019 or face deportation.

Haiti still has not rebounded from the 2010 earthquake, which killed 300,000 people.

Dupuy said the complicated relationship between Haitians and the Clintons created an entry point for Trump to win over some voters.

Trump went to Florida, Dupuy said, and promised Haitians he would be their champion. He said that Haitians being "mad as hell" at this administration would be an "understatement."