NYC Rabbi who had leg broken in e-bike hit-and-run demanding stricter regulations

Rabbi Michael Miller, known for his three decades of service as a clergy liaison with the NYPD, is calling for stricter bike regulations after a hit-and-run incident left him with a broken leg. 

Rabbi Miller was crossing the street at 77th Street and Third Avenue at around 1 p.m. when an e-bike going the wrong way plowed into him, breaking his leg.

"I had the light so I could cross the street, and he plowed directly into me," Rabbi Miller said. "He stopped for a second or two or three, looked down at me, I still remember it, I can picture it in my mind's eye right now, maybe he wanted to make sure I was still alive, and then just darted off."

As a result of the crash, Rabbi Miller had to undergo a three-hour surgery to have a titanium rod inserted into his leg.

Rabbi Miller isn't the only person in New York City with a story about either nearly getting wiped out by an e-bike or actually getting hit. 

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Last December, comedian Kenny DeForest died after an e-bike accident in New York City.

Now, Rabbi Miller is on a mission to demand tougher laws to license and regulate e-bikes.

"I’m doing everything I that I can through this accident to be as activist as I can in order to correct this," Rabbi Miller said.