NYC pupils help convince BrainPOP to add LGBT history

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Some fourth and fifth graders are proof that you're never too young to make a difference and educate others.

For years the students at the Earth School in the East Village have been learning about LGBT history. Grace Zagoria realized that LGBT history was not included in BrainPOP, a digital resource the Earth School as well as other schools around the world use in addition to their lesson plans. She then wrote a letter to BrainPOP requesting LGBT history be added.

The students then made a video and sent it to BrainPOP. They also called principals at other schools. Now a year later, BrainPOP has agreed to add LGBT history as part of their Civil Rights section.

Because of all the students' hard work, the city will be honoring them with a proclamation.

BrainPOP will be adding LGBT history to its curriculum in the fall. The students say they're just hoping others will learn that LGBT rights are simply human rights.