NYC officials: Stay home if you have the flu

New York City's health commissioner is urging New Yorkers who have flu symptoms to stay home to avoid spreading the virus to others.

And the city's consumer affairs commissioner is reminding workers that the paid sick leave law gives them the right to take sick days without being punished by employers. Commissioner Lorelei Salas said that if you try to take a sick day and you get fired or disciplined, you should file a complaint with the department.

The Department of Health reports that 6 percent of emergency room visits in the city are related to the flu. The elderly and children remain the most vulnerable. Two children are confirmed dead in the city so far this flu season.

The number of places offering the vaccine has increased citywide. So officials are urging you to just go and get it.

Officials said more than 300 violations were reported against employers of the paid sick leave law last year. You can call 311 to register a complaint or to find out where to get a flu shot.