NYC to evict hundreds of migrants from shelters this week

New York City will begin evicting hundreds of migrants that have been living in the NYC shelter system. 

Around 250 migrants are expected to be evicted this week if they haven't proven they faced extenuating circumstances to find new housing. 

Amid the ongoing migrant crisis, NYC leaders will not stop evictions for adult migrants who have reached their 30- or 60-day shelter limit. Critics have called the policy inhumane, but NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the shelter limits are necessary because they don't have room for everyone. 


NYC migrant crisis: Legal battle over right-to-shelter law continues

New York City is moving forward with its effort to lift its right-to-shelter mandate in some capacity.

"People said it's inhumane to put people out during the wintertime, so now they say it's inhumane to do it in the summertime. It's humane to do it in the springtime. It's humane to do in the fall time," Adams said. "It's always inhumane to have to not be able to house 198,000 people."

The tightening of the policy comes after a court settlement surrounding the city's right to shelter law. The rule does not apply to migrant families with children. 

"If we would not have done anything, we would have had 198,000 people still in our care instead of 65,000," Adams said.

According to city officials, they have done their part to help migrants figure out their next steps after their time at the shelter expires, including reticketing asylum seekers to other cities. 

"We are giving them Information, we are connecting them to resources, and we are talking to them about what those next steps are going to be," said Camille Joseph Varlack, chief of stall with the mayor's office.

Last week, over 1,300 new migrants arrived in the Big Apple.