NYC high school prom to be on TLC show

It is not every day that you see twin brothers become students at the American Ballet Theatre in New York. Fabian and Sebastian Garcia of the Bronx have loved dancing since they were children. Now the brothers will be able to show off their dance moves at their high school prom—something they never thought would be possible.

Fabian said he and Sebastian didn't think they would go to prom because they don't have the money.

But that doesn't matter because the television network TLC is providing their senior class at Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School in Inwood with prom dresses, suits, shoes, jewelry, and head-to-toe makeovers. The high school won an essay contest to have TLC pay for the school's entire prom and appear on the show Say Yes to the Prom.

Not only is TLC giving the senior class its prom, the network is also providing mentoring by introducing them to professionals who can help them with possible internships, scholarships, and networking opportunities.

"Over 90 percent of our students come are low-income, they come from our community right here in Washington Heights," Executive Director Christina Reyes said. "Now they get to experience this prom together and also get the things that they really want and don't have to make a choice about whether or not their mom has to work an extra shift or an extra job."

Although Fabian and Sebastian are ballet dancers, they definitely have other dance moves with their friends at the prom.

The TLC Say Yes to the Prom special airs on March 24, 2018.