NYC facing trash troubles as cuts to Department of Sanitation's budget bite

New York City's streets are grappling with an increasingly visible problem - overflowing trash bins, the result of significant budget cuts to the city's sanitation department. 

An overfilled trashcan on 61st Street and 1st Avenue stands as an example of the city's waste management troubles. 

"I mean it’s not exactly the best, but it’s New York, so we’re almost semi-used to it," one New Yorker said.

With a 3% budget cut on the way to the city's Sanitation Department, the city will reduce city waste bin pickup routes by 40%. And they'll decrease the number of bins across the city---yet the department says they haven't determined how many.

The Sanitation Department hasn’t determined the amount of trash bins they’ll pull from city streets, saying the details still haven’t been worked out.