NYC day care center report cards

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New York City has created a new report card for day care centers. By next summer, you will see the cards posted at day care centers that are regulated by the city.

The idea is to give parents the most important information the city can before parents make the decision about which day care will be taking care of their children.

State Sen Jeff Klein says the city moved forward with the new report card system after his investigation last November about day cares.

The performance cards are similar to the grading system for restaurants. Where the Xs there will be information, for example, telling parents how long the daycare has been in business and  how many violations there have been.

The report cards will be mandatory for all 2,300 child care centers that are regulated by the city Health Department and they will have to be displayed at the day care's entrance.

The report card would be updated by the Health Department after every inspection, which would occur at least once a year.